The Author's Circle started as a group of authors, so we know how hard it is to get reviews that count. We also know how negative reviews can be. We understand that as an author, you can't make every reader happy. That is why our review team focuses on the positive and only the positive. If one reader doesn't enjoy the story, another is sure to. We each have our favorite genres. We pride ourselves on highlighting the strengths of the books we review. Why tear people down? That's not the reason we got into this business. We started the Author's Circle because we love books, we enjoy helping authors, and we understand what it's like to be in your shoes.

Reach a larger audience by giving your book the recognition it deserves. Let a professional review company tell the world your book is worth the read. Don't let your novel go unnoticed.


Have your book reviewed by an Author's Circle reader. Full reviews are generally close to 400 words and are posted on GoodReads as well as Amazon.com. Our reviews will include a quick summary as well as an ubiased opinion. Reviews will generally, and above all, tell readers what we liked about the book, highlighting the strong points.

Author Blurbs

Author blurbs are intended to be listed on the back cover of your book and/or in the "Praise For" section. An author blurb is a short quote that concisely states what is great about your novel. An example would be:

"John Doe draws people in from page one. OVER THE EGE is gritty and fast-paced, taking readers on a journey they'll be thinking about long after they reach the end."

-- Jessica Therrien, best-selling author of the YA series, CHILDREN OF THE GODS

*Please note Author Blurbs are only available for purchase along with a review.  Because we will need to read the book in order to supply a review, books submitted without the purchase of a review will not be considered. 

Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul."
Joyce Carol Oates